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Staff at QJ Technologies provides top class training through Technical Training Centers, Dedicated Customer Training, Online Training and Training on demand. QJ Technologies offers various programs to meet the requirements of Individuals, Institutes and Companies.



Security Awareness Program


Highly skilled engineers at QJ Technologies also expertise in numerous platforms and applications. Our engineers make the best efforts to meet the customer business objectives. From project initiation to deployment and long after, our goal is to ensure sustained customer satisfaction.

Website Development

Application Development

Mobile Application Development


The most important factor for smooth functioning of any organization is to have their software, hardware and network provide best performance and work efficiently. The troubleshooting engineers at QJ Technologies are best at configuring and troubleshooting software, hardware and networking issues and making them work efficiently.

Format and Assemble

Laptops and PC

Server Configurations

Windows and Linux

Network Setup and Configure

Wired and Wireless

Raspberry-Pi Labs Setup